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MULTEMO Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci Transfer of Innovation MULTEMO (The Multilingual Toolkit for European Mobility)

MULTEMO Project Participants

Participating institutions:  

The International Learning and Research Centre (ILRC), UNITED KINGDOM
OPTIMA Bulgarian Association for Quality Language Services, BULGARIA
Berufskolleg am Wasserturm, GERMANY
Sintermeertencollege Heerlen, NETHERLANDS
Kaunas University of Technology, LITHUANIA

Our existing Languages Bridge product is an innovative, multilingual teaching tool. Feedback from European presentations of the tool demonstrated the potential for its adaptation and development with older learners in vocational contexts.  The tool focuses on the comparison of structures in different languages through collaborative activities. The methodology will improve language learning skills and benefit vocational education to develop a more diverse, confident and competent multilingual workforce.

Aims and objectives;
To develop the skills of VET professionals (target group 1) in the teaching of generic language learning skills and structures, useful in the world of work through a multilingual methodology. This will give VET students (target group 2) the confidence to learn and apply any new language in a foreign working environment.
To increase language competence using a progressive, modular approach identifying key, generic language skills and structures
To adapt our innovative multilingual tool for use with European learners to give them the linguistic tools to adapt to the increasingly diverse and competitive employment market.
Characteristics of the partnership
The partnership consists of a variety of institutions with vocational and pre-vocational programmes and links to varied education providers in 6 countries, with a wealth of experience in international cooperation.

- MULTEMO website
- an innovative, multilingual toolkit for vocational language learning relevant to students’ future employment needs
- a valuable final product transferable to new work related settings, including activities teaching generic language learning skills through exemplification in a range of European languages
- a linguistically richer vocational language learning experience, complementing the more intensive study of both mother tongue and a particular foreign language. 
- improved employment prospects for students taught using the tool.

Participating VET professionals (target group 1) will improve their pedagogical skills through collaborative work, adapting the methodology to suit their work related contexts and specific languages needed. Their students (target group 2) will have improved confidence and flexibility in terms of mobility within the employment market and in their personal development as multilingual citizens of Europe.
The project will have impact beyond the life of the project, as VET professionals will develop their pedagogical practice for future students and disseminate this good practice to colleagues in other institutions through professional networking and conference presentations.  The product will continue to be actively disseminated and promoted after the end of the project.